First blog post




One Day


One day we just come across a person who somehow matches our level of crazy.

One with whom we can talk to endlessly on any random thing at any odd hour of the day. One person in whom we find our refuge,an escape from the mayhem of our life. No matter how worn out we feel; that being can lift us up. A panacea for every complication. There can’t be anything better than being with a person who raises us high.

One day we just come across a person who is just equally broken but then suddenly all those broken pieces start falling into their perfect places creating a masterpiece. 

Fragments of the life before slowly fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle.



Baptized as a Destitute;

Was summoned a wrecked life,

But defiantly he thrived.

Stars were his pals and moon his valentine;

Carrying Stardust in the soul,he was  the ruler of the sky




Standing still she kept staring at the mirror.

A cadaverous reflection looked vacantly at her.Ashen face robbed of its vibrance.Those mystifying eyes who were stripped off from their charm.She searched for that invigorating smile of hers.She was a home of exuberance but now just a remnant of a broken soul. Obsessed with loving others,she never learnt how to love herself.She could feel   her soul trapped in the cage of destiny.Pain in every nerve of hers.She could feel the warmth of the flares that burnt deep under her skin.The warmth that kept her alive.she was broken so nothing can destroy her more.Her pain was her only fortune. 

A fortune well earned